Welcome to the American Stock Dog Registry 

OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Thursday

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  (Central Time) 

Phone:  573-484-6508  

Holiday Schedule for ASDR:

Thanksgiving --Office closed  November 24- 28, 2021.  

Christmas --Office closed December 22, 2021 through Jan 2, 2022

During these holidays, we will check emails daily and reply to emergencies.  The phone will not be answered and Emailed applications will be delayed during this time.   Online features (litter registratons and dog registrations) will be available as usual.  


Are you interested in hosting a 2022 show for ASDR?  Visit this link to find information:  https://www.americanstockdog.org/page/how-to-host-a-show

                        Attention:  new online forms available for Dual, IDR and Hardship Applications.                             

    Click Here To The Page Containing Dual, IDR and Hardship Application Online Forms

 We no longer have a fax, and have now set up a SPECIAL EMAIL for emailed applications:   applications@americanstockdog.org so applications may now be emailed as well as sent by mail.  One application per email with a $5 convenience fee, so be sure to include this with your payment.  Please send as a PDF or document file if sending from a phone.   You can send pictures as Jpg file.  Emailed applications will be completed within 2 business days.  Emailed applications sent to other emails just slow the process down.   

Email:  applications@americanstockdog.org

 E-mail  register@americanstockdog.org for problems with Online dog registrations.

 E-mail  litters@americanstockdog.org  for problems with Online litter registrations.

E-mail  admin@americanstockdog.org  for general questions.

E-mail showsecretary@americanstockdog.org for title and general show information

(all email answered Monday-Thursday 9 am-4 pm.)


Be sure to visit our Questions and Answers page for quick help!





You must have a breeders listing on our website to be listed as a DNA verified Kennel.  


Please visit Registration Forms for required applications and instructions for registration.



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