This year there will be a year end Junior Handler Competition. The competition will consist of scores from 5 shows and a graded test.  

Points will be taken from the best 5 shows. The points at each show will be as follows: Top Handler 25 points, Reserve Handler 15 points, Third place Handler 10, and all other participants will recieve 5 points. 

A 50 point test will also be taken. This test will be over breed standards, Herding breed diseases and genetics, General information about herding breeds, and questions about showing. The test will be available at all shows, but should be completed at the first show the Junior competes in. This test can only be taken once. A similar test may also be used at the Anual Vegas Invitational. This test will consist of 22 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each. One short answer  or fill in the blank question worth 6 points and one bonuse essay (about a paragraph). 



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