From this point forward, all dogs being dual registered with ASDR from AKC papers that are registered as Australian Shepherd will ONLY be registered as a standard Australian Shepherd. If you select Miniature on your application for your AKC Australian Shepherd, they will need to be measured at an ASDR show by an ASDR official. AKC Mini Americans will be entered as Miniature Australian Shepherds. Size of relatives will not factor into the dog’s size category.  

Lois & Cori                                                                                                                                                                                                                6/10/2024


There is a new form and price for reprints of dog papers.    You must use this form to be able to get a new copy of your papers.                           


Lately we have gotten lots of emails with the form sent in as JPGs from phones.  These are too small for us to print and read.  They must be scanned and saved as a PDF file.  If they are not sent in that way, we will send them back.   This takes time and slows the process.   
If you register all the puppies in your litter (no litters older than 2 years), you will get your next litter application at no charge.   This means, you must use the online process to register them yourself, not mail them in for the office to do them.  After you have registered all puppies in the current litter and are ready to register a new litter, use pay with check as your payment choice. Then send an email to using FREE LITTER APPLICATION as the subject line and request the litter be released. Remember we will check those emails every morning Monday through Thursday, so it’s best not to wait until the last minute to register your litter. This is unlimited…. No matter how many litters you register in a year, and as long as you register the puppies in those litters to the new owners, you will not have to pay for the initial registration fee  of the next litter.
You can register the puppies to the new owners, or some breeders register the puppies in their name and then do the transfer to the new owner. This works well if you have a contract that needs to be fulfilled. If the new owner wants to give the puppy a different call name, it can be changed when they transfer the dog as long as the dog has not had a litter. or has completed a title. No matter how you register the puppies, if you want all papers sent to you, you will need to let us know in the email asking for the litter to be released, otherwise we will send directly to the primary owner (if you choose to co-own the dog). This is such a good way to keep track of your puppies. You can make sure your kennel name is listed as you like and make sure that the breeding status is recorded correctly.
Lately we have had requests for a form we used to have--the Litter disposition form.  We created it so everyone could have an easy way to keep track of who they sold their puppies to and what number they used. This was really handy in the event someone lost their papers.   Here it is againl
ASDR Litter Registrations are $35.  
Puppy Registrations from ASDR Litter applications are $35.
Individual Dog Registrations (IDR) are $45
Dual registrations are $40
Hardship Registrations are $200
Transfers $30
Kennel Name registration will be $50 for lifetime registration.
A kennel name and 3 years of the breeders listing will be $125
Renewal of a Breeders Listing is $25 a year
There is a $5.00 convenience fee when you email your applications or forms.


Printable Registration Forms: 

You may now register Dual Registrations, Individual Dog Registrations, and Hardship Registrations with the new online forms located under the printable versions.   Online forms for Breeder listing and Kennel name registratons are now available.

Payment must be included with all applications.  You may send forms by email to: or by mail to:  American Stock Dog Registry,  P. O. Box 7510, Columbia, MO  65205.       If emailing your forms, please send as a PDF or Document file rather than JPG.  There is a $5 convenience fee for emailed forms and a limit of one application per email.       


Application for Individual Registration from registered litter.

If you have an "Application for Individual Registration" form you may register your new puppy or dog online or by mail or email.  The price is $35 

To register your puppy use the link below in red.

 Click here to register your puppy or dog online with an Application for Individual Registration form.

When filling out the application, keep in mind that you are allowed 38 characters for your dog's name.   

 Breeders are allowed 7 business days to approve or correct online registrations before they will be finalized.  Please allow at least  two weeks to receive your official registration certificate.


Register Litters

If you have an online account you may register your litters online and print them yourself.  If you are not the owner of the sire, an email will be sent to the owner so they can approve or correct the litter.  They are allowed 7 business days to reply, after that the litter will be approved automatically.    It's always better to register your litter early, then you avoid the time crunch.

Click here to register your litter.  

Click here for Printable Litter Registration Form  $35 

Both parents must be ASDR registered.  If one parent is not, please look above for the appropriate application. 

* If both parents are registered, you may process and print your litter online.  It will be available for you to view and print as soon as payment is processed. To register your litter online click here

Fee for litter registration is $35. ($5 will be added when printed and mailed papers are requested.)

If you are not registering online, you must send the forms by mail or email.  Or you may use the online form below.  There is a $5 convenience fee.

NEW Online form:


We are excited to announce that Breeders can now pre-registerthe  puppies from their  litters before they go to their new owners! You may be asking why would you o this? Well, here are the benefits!

  1. This will ensure that every puppy in your litter gets registered giving you a free litter registration on your next litter (this saves you $30). Make sure you email us when you go to register the next litter to get this offer.
  2. YOU will get to mark the breeding rights section on the registration paper. This ensures that you never miss an email to approve a registration and a puppy you sold on limited registration gets marked with full and you miss it.
  3. You will register the puppy starting with your kennel name (your kennel name must be registered with us for the new puppy owner to not be able to take it off), the new owner will be able to change the name but will not be able to take the kennel name off when making this change. This means you again do not have to worry about catching the email and making the changes within the 10 days we allow.
  4. We will be discounting the registration price per puppy when the breeder registers all puppies themselves. Our registrations are $35, and if you the breeder registers the entire litter at once the price will be $25 per puppy, reducing the overall price for you or your puppy buyers by $10 per puppy. This means with a litter of 6 puppies you would be saving $60 plus the $30 for the next litter registration.

So now you may be wondering; how do I go about pre-registering my puppies.

  1. You will register your litter (on your first litter you will have to pay the $30), if you have a litter that all puppies have been registered in, register your litter online and then click check or money order at checkout, then send an email to saying you have a litter with all the puppies registered and you would like to use your free litter registration, please include the litter number from BOTH litters (the one with all pups previously registered and the new litter you are registering for free). Please give us 24 business hours (Monday-Thursday) to update the litter.
  2. Once the litter registration is finalized, on the website go to register, click on register Puppies & Dogs, choose register from a litter that I own, select your litter, and a puppy number and click continue.
  3. Verify you have selected the correct puppy litter and gender and click continue.
  4. Fill out the puppy’s information. On the dogs registered name MAKE SURE you include your kennel name if you want it included in the final registered name, you will then make up a name for the puppy so you can identify with one it is, the new owner will have a chance to change the ending during final registration. This can be something as simple as your kennel name, the moms name and puppy 1, or if you give puppies a “litter name” you could do your kennel name followed by the litter name, or your kennel name and the new owners name, ect. Also, double check that you click the correct registration status (limited or full). Verify all information and click continue.
  5. On the owner information page mark that you are the owner and there are no co-owners.
  6. Verify all information, agree to the terms, and add to cart.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 on all puppies in the litter.
  8. Once you have registered all puppies, click the cart icon at the top of the page.
  9. Continue check-out and select to pay with a check or money order.
  10. After you have completed check out send an email to stating you have completed the entire litters pre-registration and would like to pay or have already paid if you have done so please include the following: your card information (we need name on the card, card number, expiration date, zip code and the 3 digit security code), paypal transaction number (all paypal payments should be made to, or you can call to make the payment over the phone.
  11. You will receive a reply email from us within 72 business hours stating we have processed your request and payment.
  12. When it is time for puppies to go home, you will go to account, click on litters, select the litter that puppy is from, find their litter number (with the temporary registered name you gave them), and print out the litter application and givie it to the new owner along with the Link to the wufoo form they will use to make the transfer.  
  13. The application will be blank so you will need to let the new puppy owners know that they need to scan or take a photo of this application to include when filling out the following Wufoo form. You can also require they fill out this form at pickup and scan and fill out the Wufoo form yourself to ensure the registration process gets complete. At this point they will also need to choose their registered name for their dog. We will keep your kennel name at the front of the dog’s name as long as your kennel name is registered with us and just change the ending that they choose. Just a reminder when including your kennel name, we have a character limit of 40 for the entire dog name (so be courteous to your buyers and shorten your kennel name when possible). 
  14. Once we have received wufoo form application from your or the puppy buyer, we will finalize  and mail the registration paper directly to the new owner.

Remember, we will provide a link to the Wufoo form for the new owners to complete the process.      


Transfer of Ownership


Transfer of ownership online form is available now. This form is for dogs with ASDR Registrations needing to be transferred to new owners name only, DO NOT USE FOR PUPPY APPLICATIONS.     Please be sure to enter all info needed to transfer, including pictures of front and back of the current papers.  The back of the registration must be signed by seller.  If dog is co-owned both owners must sign the back. Please allow 5 days for your transfer to be completed and mailed to you.


In order to change registration status (from full to Limited) on a dog, you must be the current owner of the dog. If the dog is co-owned ASDR must receive approval from ALL owners of the dog. Approval verification can be received via phone call or email. Breeders have 7 days from when ASDR receives dog application for registration forms to correct registration status, after that point registration status cannot be updated from anyone but the current owner. Owners selling dogs must mark the change on the transfer when transferring a dog to a new owner if they do not want full registration given. Once limited registration has been given, only the breeder of that dog can reverse the registration to full.

Click here for an on-line transfer of ownership. 



Dual Registrations     

 This form is for dogs that currently hold a registration with another registry. You must include a copy of the current registration along with this completed application.  No pictures are needed.  You may send extended pedigree if you have it available.   We accept dual registrations from AKC, ASCA, ACA, MASCA, NSDR, UKC, NKC, SCPS and APRI.  We also accept CKC and NAPR registrations WITH pedigree for dual registration, however if they are CKC or NAPR hardship registered dogs (foundation stock/unknown for parents) we will consider it a hardship registration and charge accordingly.   Please contact us before you send a dual registration from a registry not listed for our approval.            

We register Miniature American Shepherds into our registry through Dual Registration, but there are rules. For now, they must at least have Grandparents that were registered with ASDR, and will be considered a Dual Registration. If their parents have ASDR papers, they will be considered an IDR (Individual dog registration). Any dog that has ASDR papers and was taken AKC as Mini American will not have to do anything, their papers will still be honored. Remember we will be measuring at the shows, so if your dog is over 18 inches it will be a Standard Aussie and if under 14 inches or under it will be a Toy.  Size of relatives will not factor into the dog’s size category and each individual dog will need a proof of size.  Re-prints are $20.00.          

AKC Australian Shepherds can be Dual Registered with ASDR.  They will be entered as Standard Australian Shepherds.  AKC Australian Shepherds must be measured at an ASDR show by an ASDR official to change to a Mini Australian Shepherd. Re-prints are $20.00.

If your dog is CKC or NAPR hardship registered, (foundation stock/unknown parents) we will consider it a hardship registration and charge accordingly $200.00.

You may submit the printable form by mail or email.  Payment must be included with application.  


Click here for Printable form for Dual Registrations $40

Click here for online Dual Registration form.  



Individual Dog Registration

Click here Printable form for Individual Dog Registration (IDR)  $45

NEW Online form

This registration is for a dog, who has parents from two different registries. (i.e.  AKC/ASDR, APRI/MASCA).  Dogs must be the same breed, but can be different size varieties, no mix breed dogs allowed.  

A copy of the sire and dams papers must be included along with the completed IDR application. One picture is required.  We must have both the sire and dam’s owners name along with their contact information, including phone and/or email.  

You may submit the printable form by mail or email.

Payment must be included with application 

Hardship Registrations

Click here Printable form for Hardship Registrations  $200

NEW Online form

This is a last resort for owners who have nice dogs acquired from owners/breeders that have not ever registered their dogs. 

If we find you have hardshipped a dog that came with limited registration we will revoke your papers. 

We reserve the right to deny any hardship application if we feel they are not purebred or we feel it is not an honest registration.  Dogs must be over 3 months of age for hardship registration.   

This application must include a signed vet statement, stating they believe the dog to be purebred along with a measurement from a vet for breeds requiring it.  Three pictures are required.  Please show each side of the dog along with a frontal shot.  

Your dog will come with No pedigree information. Sire and dam information will list as Foundation Stock.

Printable form may be submitted by mail or email.   

Payment must be included with application. 


Application for Tracking Number for Performance

Application For Tracking Number For Performance Dogs $20

     This Form is for dogs that are a breed we do not currently register and are wanting to participate in performance events. Complete form and 1 colored picture are required. This form is accepted by mail and e-mail. 


Kennel Registration & Breeders listing

Click here for Printable Kennel Name and/or Breeders listing Registration Form 

Online form for Kennel name and/or Breeders listing

A kennel name registration will assure that no one may use your kennel name without your express permission when naming puppies.  It also allows you to require your kennel name to be used on puppies you sell. Always be sure to add your kennel name to the application when you sell the puppy.  It will not automatically be added.  This is a lifetime registration.  You may mail, email or register online.    

Add a Breeder Listing to your kennel name--3 years for the price of 2 years.  Normally $50 for first year and $25 to renew. Our special will give you 3 years breeders listing and a lifetime kennel name registration for $125 for a savings of $25. If you already have a kennel name and want to add the breeders listing, you can use the same form.  We do get 4,000+ hits on the website daily and a great many are people looking for breeders.



You may pay with credit/debit card, PayPal, cashiers check, money order or personal check.  If paying with PayPal, please send transaction ID with paperwork.  Canadian customers, please make sure you are paying with US Funds.


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