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We are excited to announce that one of our ASDR breeders is collecting data for a research project on the S locus Gene. If you would like to particpate, she will need a picture of your dog and a copy of their blood test results from Pawprint Genetics. Pawprint genetics has offered the test to her at a discounted rate for her study, to people who choose to participate. She will need samples from a total of 200 dogs.  For her study, she would like 100 mismarked dogs. These are dogs with excessive white including, but not limited to, a dog with a half white face, piebald, splash white, ear white, etc.  She will also need 100 legally marked dogs. This study is for all size classifications of the Australian Shepherd (Toy, Miniature & Standard). 
You may email Lindsey at stillwaterranchaussies@gmail.com to get involved! She will need a picture of your dog (front and side shot showing legal or excessive white markings). She will then give you the code to use to get your dogs tested.
Update! Our friends at Paw Print Genetics and Lisa G Shaffer have given us a discount for this specific Test!! They are offering it for 50% off for this research project only making the $80 test only $40! PM or email me for more info.


Thank you to everyone that participated in our shows throughout the 2017 show season.  A big congratulations to those that have qualified for our year end Invitational show.

See you in Vegas!

Dec. 9-10       ASDR in VEGAS - 5th anniversary!!!


Stay tuned for the 2018 Show Schedule




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