ASDR Herding Instinct


·       At shows where Herding instinct is available dogs will have the opportunity to receive 25 poi

·       Once receiving two High instinct certificates dogs will recieve 25 points

·       Once receiving at least two Medium instinct certificates, dogs will receive 15 points.

·       Once a dog has received two Low instince certificates, dogs will receive 10 points.

·       When herding instinct is offered and a dog competes, for the first time, the dog will receive the following at that show:

o   25 for high

o   15 for medium

o   5 for low

·       Dogs are allowed to keep trying at shows for a higher level.

·       If a dog gets a higher level than they currently have at a show they will get those points for that show. For example, if a dog has two medium scores and receives a high at the next show, they will get 25 points, but at the next show must receive another high in order to get more than 15 points.

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