ASDR Gateway Adventure

February 16-20, 2022 

              Pre-show sweepsteaks, Conformation, Rally, Standard Agility, Jumpers, Scentwork, Trick Dog, Polite Herding Dog

Facebook Page Link: ASDR Gateway Adventure

Entry Opening - Jan 3

Entry Closing - Jan 12 

Purina Farms  -

              300 Checkboard Loop

              Gray Summit, MO 63093

Schedule - 

             Wednesday - Feb 16 - Standard Agilty, Jumpers, Puppy Sweepstakes, Headtype, movement

             Thursday - Feb 17 - Rally, Adult/Veteran/Altered Sweepstakes, Generation, Breeders Showcase

              Friday - Feb 18 - Odor Recognition Certification and Scentwork (All Elements) 

              Saturady - Feb 19 - Adults/Veteran/ Altered Show, Junior Handling, 2021 Awards Banquet

              Sunday - Feb 20 - Puppies

Entry Form - Entry Opening - Jan 3 and Entry Closing - Jan 12 

                    Click here to Enter: Gateway Adventure Regular Entry Form

Sweepsteaks Entry Form - Entry Opening - Jan 3 and Entry Closing - Jan 12 

                   Click here to Enter Sweepstakes: Gateway Adventure Sweepstakes Entry Form

2022 Year End Top 5/10 Ranking Points Turn In - Conformation. January 12 - Feb

                 Click here to Turn in Conformation Points: Gateway Adventure

2022 Year End Top 5/10 Ranking Points Turn In - Rally. Open Feb 19 - March 7 

                Click here to Turn in Rally Points: Gateway Adventure

2022 Year End Top 5/10 Ranking Points Turn In - Agility (jumpers and standard). Open Feb 19-March 7 

               Click here to Turn in Agility Points: Gateway Adventure

2022 Year End Top 5/10 Ranking Points Turn In - Scentwork

              Click here to Turn in Scentwork Points: Gateway Adventure

What is Sweepstakes? 

In sweepstakes, you will still have the potential to earn a title (but will not recieve a judges critique). It will be run like a typical ASDR conformation show, however no awards or ribbons will be given, rather a payback will be awarded to winners. It will not count towards 2022 Top 10/5 ranking as we are making entry limits. Sweepstakes will have a seperate entry form. 

We will be limiting the sweepstakes to 300 dogs per day (300 puppies on Wednesday and 300 total adults (adult, veteran, altered) on Thursday.

Toy Australian Shepherds (100 per day)

Miniature Australian Shepherd (100 per day)

Standard Australian Shepherd (60 per day)

Combined Totals for other breeds (40 per day)

Entries will be taken on a first come/first serve basis. 

Limit 5 entries per Owner.

We will keep a wait list and if the classes do not fill we will add more dog.  If you enter and do not make the entry we will refund your entry fees.



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