Jennifer Young - Piedmont, AL
Phone: 256-447-9087 Organization: Dugger Mountain Mini and Toy Aussies
Lana & Steve Bowers - Taylor, AZ
Email: Website:
Phone: 928-243-1854 Organization: HALFPINT'S
Breeding Quality ASDR Registered TOY and MINI AUSSIES with the full size Aussie Traits, Intelligence, Athletic Ability, Herding Instinct and Much More.  Breeder of Champion Bloodlines, Genetic testing with Paw Print Genetics is preformed on all breeding stock to help keep the breed as healthy and disease free as possible.
Also offering stud services to approved females.
DNA approved kennel.
Ken & Vicky Procunier - Camp Verde, AZ
Email: Website:
Phone: 602-361-9482 Organization: Vicky's Little Aussies

We are a small hobby breeder, centrally located in Camp Verde, AZ. Our puppies are raised around our grandchildren and our other pet's.

Pamela Teskey - Mayer, AZ
Email: Website:
Phone: 602-228-8400 Organization: Dugas Ranch Mini Aussies

Dugas Ranch Mini Aussies strives to raise our Aussies to reflect the amazing beauty, intelligence and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed.  Our goal is to provide you with a smart, beautiful, healthy, sound, and good-tempered Aussie that conforms to the breed standard. Our puppies are raised on a working cattle ranch, located 90 miles north of Phoenix.‚Äč


We take great pride in finding our puppies their new Forever home!

Amy Diehl - Malvern, AR
Email: Website:
Phone: 501-304-3369 Organization: Circle D Mini Australian Shepherds
Circle D Mini Australian Shepherds... is located on a farm in the beautiful state of Arkansas. We are NOT a kennel. Our dogs are loyal, well socialized, and are a part of our family. They also play a role in our farm. Aussies need to have a job to do and have a purpose. They love to play in the pond, chase each other, and investigate around our house/farm. All our adult dogs come from Champion Parents and have had genetic testing done. Our male, Spike, is a Champion.  We register our dogs with the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR). We look forward to helping you find your loyal companion. 
Amanda Leland - Conway, AR
Email: Website:
Phone: 501-472-7908 Organization: Renegade

"Renegade Mini Aussies strives to produce the best quality Mini and Toy Aussies that have it all- conformation, beauty, and brains.  Our dogs are health tested to ensure that your puppy is healthy genetically for a lifetime of love.  Many of our adults are championed, or in progress, to ensure that your puppy comes from parents that conform to the breed standard so you know your puppy will LOOK like an Aussie should!  Our ideal size range is 13-15" but in the past year we have added some larger and a few smaller to give us a wider range of sizes and options as we plan out our long term program direction.  Our puppies are raised in our home and are held and socialized every day by my 2 year old, 7 year old, and husband for well rounded babies.  We work very closely with our vet, who is a dear friend that also has Mini Aussies and competes in Nationals level agility.We run the Mini Australian Shepherds facebook group with over 7,000 members and enjoy the drama free atmosphere of daily puppy photos, educational topics, and all around Aussie Awesomeness!  We are always available for questions and advice, even if you don't end up with a puppy from us.  It's just our duty to the breed to help educate those who might not have access to a mentor.  Visit us online at or on our Facebook Page at and see for yourself why Renegade Puppies are the BEST!"

  Ben & Jane McDonald - Hector, AR
Phone: 501-592-1053 Organization: McDonald's Miniature Aussies
  David/Kendra (Tallent Aussies) Tallent - Benton, AR
Phone: 501-351-4632
  Haley Thomas - Newark, AR
Email: Website:
Phone: 870-291-1987 Organization: Old River Aussies
Edith Agubiya - Salinas, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 831-320-4927 Organization: Maverick Kennels

Breeder of STD, Mini & Toy Austrailian Shepherds. Our goal at Maverick
Kennels is to breed a well rounded Australian Shepherd. We believe that
confirmation and "Temperament" play the most important part in producing a
great all around dog. We breed for quality family pets, not high energy,
and have produced wonderful dogs of all color variations of the Australian
Shepherd. All of our puppies are raised here on our small farm and are
exposed to many types of environments and animals. Our objective is to
improve the breed and help introduce them to you as the ultimate companion,
work or service dog.

Louanna Brower - Cottonwood, CA
Phone: 530-347-0711 Organization: Brower's Toy Aussie

Welcome to my Toy Aussie family! I am a small, stay at home, hobby breeder located in Cottonwood, CA. I want to share my love for this breed. They are beautiful, intelligent, and such loving little wiggle butts! They are raised in my home and love to play outside with my other dogs and my grandchildren. Please feel free to visit my Instagram Page at brower_toy_aussies and/or Brower's Toy Aussies on Facebook. 

Lindsey Condra - Sanger, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 325-725-2509 Organization: Stillwater Ranch Aussies

Stillwater Ranch Aussies has Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. We believe Aussies of all size should live up to the breed standard and should be able to cross from the show ring to the ranch to work to the family home all in the same day. Our belief is that temperament is as important as conformation and intelligence. We strive to produce exceptional dogs. Our pups are raised indoors and out, and are socialized from day one and go to their new homes ready to play. We do show our dogs and love when people come to cheer us on at shows! All of our dogs are out of health tested parents and are evaluated by our veterinarian before they leave to their new home. You can find us on Facebook at

Jonette & Zackary Dopson - Murrieta, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 951-696-2873 or 949-742-1683 Organization: Toy Aussies at Double D Ranch of La Cresta
We are a small in home breeder of Toy and Mini Aussies. We have been putting our breeding program together for 2 years.
We have 2 females and 2 males. 
The first girl in our program was "Zoe". She's a spunky 10in Black Tri. The second female is "Ruby". She's nearly 14in Red Tri and very sweet and mild mannered. 
Our first boy in the program was "Zeke". He is 13in and an athletic gorgeous Red Merle with an amber eye and a marbled blue eye.
We just added a smaller size male named "Rocky" to our program which should be a 10in Toy. He is a gorgeous up and coming Blue Merle with two blue eyes. 
We had our very first litter last 
September 19, 2016. All of the puppies were Toy size. Three Black Tri's and one Red Tri. Zoe is a wonderful mommie. Ruby is going to be next in line. Too young last year. 2017 brings high hopes. 
Thank You
Toy Aussies at Double D Ranch of 
La Cresta 
Dena Flores - Lindsay, CA
Phone: 559-967-4640 Organization: Magic Ranch Minis

Welcome to Magic Ranch Minis! We are a small breeder located in the heart of the Central Valley. HEART is in all our minis! Puppies are "home grown" on our 10 acre ranch by myself, my husband, and our children to be wonderful, socialized, ranch, pet, and show dogs. All colors come from our family of miniature Aussies with many of them being blue eyed! ALL of our dogs show great loyalty, and are extremely smart. We breed typically two to three litters a year striving for temperament, confirmation and personality. We offer a one year health guarantee on all puppies. Prices range from $600-800. We will ship, and do accept Paypal!

Patricia L Pannier - Villa Park, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 714-473-3114 Organization: Double M Ranch Mini Aussies

We are a small breeder of Mini Aussies in Orange County,  California. We strive to raise healthy, genetically screened, and well adjusted puppies in a home environment. Our parent dogs are screened using Paw Print Genetics and our puppies are CERF screened at 6-7 weeks.  Our little guys  are raised with children, cats and other dogs, and occasional visit to our ranch. Our Aussies make great companions and awesome small ranch dogs.

Keren Sacks - Lancaster, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 661-974-9027 Organization: Sacks Pacific Toys

"SACKS PACIFIC TOYS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA" has quality Toy and small Mini size purebred Australian Shepherds where Breed Standard, temperament, and health are my priority.

My dogs are "genetically health tested" using PawPrints or Gensold Australian Shepherd breed specific panels with proof upon request. Also, I do certified orthopedic OFA testing for Hips/Elbows/Patellas. OFA eye exams on some.

My litters are home raised underfoot, fully guaranteed including ASDR registration with purebred pedigree.

TEXT keren sacks for more info:  661 974 9027

Pauline Troxell - Fallbrook, CA
Email: Website:
Phone: 619-994-3525

AP Ranch Minnie Aussie's is located in Fallbrook in Southern California near
San Diego. We specialize in temperament first, then great conformation, and
we try to stay with the Aussie Standard as closely as we can. We do not in
breed our dogs and all are either genetically tested or in the process. We
only let our girls have one litter per year and we place almost all of our
puppies as family pets. They are raised in our home and with our Mini
Dachshunds and our friend's kids and our grand kids.

  Rachel & Adrian Bell - Vulcan, Alberta, CD
Email: Website:
Phone: 403-423-0159 Organization: Bellpiggins
Penny Packet - Chaplin, Sask., CD
Email: Website:
Phone: 306-629-3278 Organization: Ghost Eye Mini Aussies
Canadian Breeders of  show/breed quality Toy/Mini and small Standard Aussies. We presently stand 7 double blue eyed tri/bi males & some beautiful red & blue merle females. Breeding for beauty without sacrificing all of the qualities that make the Aussie breed so great. All of our dogs have been sourced from top breeders thru out the USA or are homebred babies that have come from our own program. I'm VERY proud of our crew... all of our dogs are DNA health tested also have their DNA profiles on record with the World Pet Registry for parentage verification. Our website & Facebook page are updated regularly & emails answered promptly- our Facebook page also features up to date photos & videos of our current litters. Shipping available. Pictured is one of our gorgeous double blue eyed red tri Mini Aussie Males- 16"! A lot of our dogs are working dogs- used on our cattle ranch - Breeders of the true Australian Shepherd in ALL sizes!
Beautiful Country Farm Aussies
Shanna Spencer - Bennett, CO
Phone: 720-237-1058 Organization: Beautiful Country Farm Aussies

My Beautiful Standard Aussie's are family. They have wonderful temperments.  They are exposed to Colorado farm life as well as family life. And love children especially!   They work and play in a multitude of temperature extremes including Hot and fridged cold temperatures. They are around all types of animals from our farm cats, poultry, and waterfowl up to our horse. And are exposed to all types of motorized equipment. They even ride in the truck to go to church on Sunday's. Evenings are spent indoors taking it easy and lounging with family. Our pups make wonderful additions to most family's looking for a well rounded friend. Please call to schedule a meeting or for more information.  Have a beautiful day. 

Rachel Thames - Durango, CO
Phone: 970-749-9365

Welcome to our "Tiny Thames" Family. We are breeders of Mini Aussies and have just welcomed the first Toy Aussie to our program. Located in Southwestern Colorado, we are able to enjoy various  kinds of wildlife, outdoor activities, and a love for our "Tinies" in the wide open spaces and tall mountains that we call home. Our animals are not only pets, they are our adopted "children" and are spoiled just the same. Our dogs are genetically tested, live "with us" as a family (not in a kennel), have unique and wonderful personalities, raised with our "human" child, and will do just about anything for a ball. We love our "Tinies"! We are locally known as the "Tiny Thames Farm" due to our love of miniature animals. Come check us out and please feel free to ask any questions about us! 

Whitney Charisma - Longwood, FL
Email: Website:
Phone: 386-402-1842 Organization: The Mini Aussie Company
    Welcome to The Mini Aussie Company! Home of happy and healthy Mini Aussies. Our focus is genetically health tested Mini Aussie pups that will serve as lifelong companions for your family. Visit the website to learn more about our puppies.
Cody Conkle - Trenton, GA
Phone: 423-509-2503 Organization: Covenant View Farm

Covenant View Farm Australian Shepherds is a small breeding program located on a hobby farm in the north Georgia mountains, only a short drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We breed standard size Aussies and strive for low to medium drives, that classic Aussie look, wonderful temperaments, intelligence, and all around great dogs!  Our dogs are genetic tested prior to breeding and all puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee.  We are not a large operation, our dogs are our companions and family first, not breeding stock, therefore we only produce 1-2 litters a year.  Our passion and goal is to share our love of Aussies with others and produce dogs that are as at home on the farm, as in the city, hiking the mountains or lounging on the couch with you, as best we can. We raise our puppies using Puppy Culture methods which has been proven to help dogs overcome stressful situations and be more adaptable and versatile, making them attentive, biddable and a perfect fit whatever your lifestyle. Our services do not stop at your purchase, we’ll always be here for support and training tips and if you're ever in a position where you can’t keep you Aussie we’ll still be here to help.  We make a lifelong commitment to every animal we produce that they’ll never end up in a shelter.  If you’d like more information on upcoming litters or available puppies please call, text, email or find us on facebook.  We love Aussies and are always willing to answer questions or help anyway we can!  Have a blessed day! 

Katie Fox - Fruitland, ID
Email: Website:
Phone: 208-739-8517 Organization: Fox Kennels
Kylee Hatfield, (Idaho Mountain) - Council, ID
Email: Website:
Phone: 208-253-0002 Organization: Idaho Mountain Mini Aussies

Breeding quality ASDR registered Mini Aussies with intelligence, confirmation, genetics and excellent temperaments.  Our goal is to produce family animals who can play a role on the farm - quiet, low key and easy going.  As a small breeder, our 4 adult dogs all show in 4H with our kids and help us on our farm - with chickens, horses, cats, pigs and our puppies are well loved by little hands before they go to their new homes.  Show, pet or a quiet working dog, Idaho Mountain Minis can help you find the perfect fit for your family! Find us on Facebook at IDAHOMTNMINIS

Judy Wiesbrock Fabrizius - Maple Park, IL
Email: Website:
Phone: 630-365-5927 Organization: Fabrizius Farm
Gerard and Judy Wiesbrock Fabrizius owners of Fabrizius Farm is a fifth generation
farm family that takes pride in their animals that they produce. This is a family
business with our granddaughter Brooklyn who is the sixth generation, joining  right
in!  We have American Stock Dog Registry Australian Shepherd's on our farm. Please
take a look at our website for more information. 
Thomas D Koch - Palmyra, IN
Email: Website:
Phone: 901-488-4077 Organization: Sunset View Farms

We are nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, as a small farm based breeding operation. Our focus is raising quality dogs based on breed improvements through sound structure, genetics and proper breed characteristics. All of our dogs are house raised and are genetically tested through a full panel of Aussie diseases through Paw Print Genetics. 

Kimberly Schnepp - Crawfordsville, IN
Email: Website:
Phone: 765-418-0734

We are a small hobby breeder of Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. 
We strive to raise our Aussies to reflect the awesome beauty, intelligence 
and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed. Our goal is to provide you 
with a beautiful, healthy, sound and good tempered companion that conforms 
to the breed standard.

Our Lil Aussies has been awarded the Award of Merit #2 and Elite Award of Merit #2

Barry Koehn - West Union, IA
Email: Website:
Phone: 563-422-7667 Organization: Echo Valley Aussies
Welcome to Echo Valley Aussies! We are a hobby breeder of Miniature
Australian Shepherds. Our dogs are our pets and part of our everyday lives.
We have two females and one male. Our goal is to produce Aussies that are
true to standard, and puppies that you will want for your forever friend!
We spend lots of time with our dogs everyday teaching basic obedience and
giving them physical and mental exercise with tricks and agility courses.
Aussies are energetic, intelligent, and eager to please, making a great
companion for an active person!
Amber Marty - Solon, IA
Phone: 319-210-3693 Organization: Amber Marty & Family
Welcome to Fancy Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds.  I raise and breed
miniature and toy australian shepherds only.  All of my aussies are purebred and
ASDR registered.  Fancy aussies are famous for their color, conformation and
temperament.  I take great pride in placing quality, purebred pups in homes across
the nation for breeding, showing and family pets.   All my pups are whelped after
professional and proper consideration of the sire and dam's health,  well-being
and breeding cross to ensure a quality pup for years to come.  Fancy pups are
started on a program at birth to maintain proper nutrition, handling and ensure
age-appropriate development and social skills.  Fancy pups are released UTD on
worming and vaccines, bathed weekly, and litter box trained.  Outdoor potty
training will be developed but not complete.  Please visit my facebook page, Fancy
Mini Aussies, for available pups.  Phone calls or texts welcome. 
Bailie Walters - Corning, IA
Email: Website:
Phone: 712-542-0687

    Located in rural Iowa, we are a small hobby breeder raising Aussies with
the goal to create the ultimate companion that holds the athletic ability,
herding instinct, structure, and intelligence of a full sized Aussie, only
in a smaller package. Our dogs are not only our pets, but members of our
family. They enjoy helping us with daily tasks such as checking the cattle,
fixing fence, taggin' along on a trail ride, or just hanging out on the
couch in their free time and our puppies are raised in that same
  atmosphere. Check out our website for more info!  

Chris & Justine Foster - Buhler, KS
Email: Website:
Phone: 620-921-1187

Welcome to Foster Farms Kennels

Quality Mini Australian Shepherds & Australian Cattle Dogs

Whether you’re looking for a stock dog with enough grit to get the job done, or the next addition to the family, we are ready to help you find the perfect match. 

We love what we do here, and strive to do it the best.  Through selective breeding, genetic testing, lots of hard work, and the strength to admit when something doesn’t work, we are on a mission to produce the very best dogs we can.

Visit us on FACEBOOK

Brian & Melinda Poole OBanion - Louisburg, KS
Email: Website:
Phone: 913-961-8835 Organization: Gunslinger Mini Aussies

We are a small, quality breeder of Toy Australian Shepherds (and the occasional Toy) near the Kansas City area. Our main goal is to raise healthy, genetically screened, happy, socialized puppies that become family members. Our dogs are raised in our home and come pre-loved! We enjoy showing them at the occasional ASDR dog show and are proud of their beauty, quality and temperament. We are a DNA verified kennel through BioPet, and disease test through Gensol and Paw Print.

Visit us on FACEBOOK!

  Donna & Craig Lofton - Benton, KY
Email: Website:
Phone: 731-446-6211 Organization: Chestnut Creek Kennels
Carilyn Shirk - Pembroke, KY
Email: Website:
Phone: 270-839-6658 Organization: Sugar Spring Puppies
We are a small family farm in SW Kentucky, just over an hour from Nashville, TN! We raise standard (medium sized), health tested and registered Australian Shepherds. Our puppies have their natural tails and front dew claws. Visit our website for lots of pictures and information about our Aussies. We are also on Facebook as Landmark Australian Shepherd Puppies
  Suzanne & William Thompson - Taylorsville, KY
Email: Website:
Phone: 502-551-7326 Organization: Saussie Aussies
Tina Winston - Philpot, KY
Email: Website:
Phone: 270-485-3164 Organization: Marlowin Aussies


MarLoWin Aussies is a breeder of Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds located near Owensboro, Kentucky.  Our dogs are raised in comfort and spend most of their days with us.  We take pride in being able to offer you a healthy and well socialized addition to your family.  When you buy a puppy from MarLoWin Aussies you not only get a lifetime warranty against genetic defects but you become a member of our extended family.  We are here for you before and most importantly after the sale.

MarLoWin Aussies has been awarded the Award of Merit #3 



Misty Renee - Highland, MI
Email: Website:
Phone: 248-303-2880 Organization: Misty's Toy Aussies
Quality, temperament, beauty, and health are several key aspects of our breeding
program. I strive for excellence in breeding and raising these precious little pups.
We have every one of our dogs genetically tested to ensure the healthiest of pups. 
We are completely devoted to the Toy Aussies that live very comfortably in our
clean, loving, indoor home environment.
Dorothy J & Scott Bensen - Hastings, MN
Email: Website:
Phone: 651-437-3850 Organization: BCB Kennel

Welcome to BCB Kennels.  Thank you for your interest. We are a small breeder of Mini Australian Shepherds. We believe that temperament, conformation, intelligence, and agility are all very important.    The puppies are evaluated by our veternarian within 24 hours after they are born. Our dogs and puppies live indoors, they are our pets.  They are socialized and handled starting at birth.  The parents are genetically health tested to insure they have healthy quality puppies.  The parents are champion show dogs, and also love agility.

Also, offering stud services to approved females with our Red Tri Male.

Tiffany Etter, (Rustic River Ranch) - Browerville, MN
Email: Website:
Phone: 320-384-8520 Organization: Rustic River Ranch

We strive to raise a well rounded family member that will be healthy and have many years of love to give. Our Australian shepherds range from Toy to small miniatures in size. All my breeding stock has genetic health testing done I can provide copies also for those interested. We offer quality pets at reasonable prices. Full rights is available and will depend on each individual pup. We offer a health guarantee and lifetime support. All pups are vet checked, current on shots and dewormings before they leave. Tails are docked and dews removed. I am willing to leave the tail long if the buyer picks out a certain pup within a couple days old. I am willing to ship via airplane or meet partway. Visit our Facebook page and feel free to call or message with any questions!

Ray & PeriAnne Williams - Goodhue, MN
Email: Website:
Phone: 651-923-4517 Organization: Saddlebags Aussies

Breeding TRUE TOY AUSSIES with the full size Aussie Traits--Intelligence, Athletic Ability, and Herding Instinct.  Breeder of Champion Bloodlines that have produced BEST IN SHOW PUPPY, BEST IN SHOW ADULT, BEST IN SHOW RARE BREED.  Visit our webiste or give us a call for more information.

  Destiny & Braxton (Boondock) Pittman - Foxworth, MS
Phone: 985-778-1215
Rusty & Kim Hodges - Plato, MO
Email: Website:
Phone: 417-217-0499 Organization: Shallow Creek Farm

Shallow Creek Farm is nestled in the beautiful Ozark Hills just south of Fort Leonard, Missouri.  We are a family owned and operated farm. Our life revolves around our family, cattle, horses, and dogs! We have a passion for the country, rural, farm way of life.  Horses, cattle, and dogs are just pieces to that farm life puzzle that we enjoy in everyday life.   All our animals, dogs, are just an extension of our family, so we provide the best possible care possible. Our puppies are no different.  We strive to raise quality puppies you will be proud to own.  They are handled daily, are kid friendly, and dearly loved, and respected.  With that being said, we believe their new home should be the same. If you are ready to add a puppy to your family, please browse our site and see if someone catches your eye. 

Lydia Locklin - Columbia, MO
Email: Website:
Phone: 501-352-7378 Organization: Lydia's Mini Aussies

Bedroom-closet breeder of spoiled wigglebutts in the heart of Missouri. My Mini Aussies -- one multichampion stud and his three ladies -- are health tested for eyes, hips, elbows, and  full genetic panel.  They carry the gene for:  Frisbee catching, sheep herding, and carpet warming! I usually have two litters a year.  Please see our Facebook page for albums of each dog, past puppies, upcoming litters, and our adventures together.


Paula Skaggs - Lee's Summit, MO
Phone: 816-665-8302 Organization: Aussie Knights

We are small hobby Breeder of standard Australian shepherd's, located in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Our dogs are our family. They go where we go and are handled everyday by my whole family. Our dogs and litters are registered with ASDR.  For more information, please call or email.

Kate Wyman - Roberts, MT
Email: Website:
Phone: 406-321-3321 Organization: BearTooth Toy Aussies

I have grown up with and have been raising Toy

Aussies for twenty years. In selecting my individual breeding stock, I have made sure that they have maintained the confirmation, good bone, short legs, good ear set, beautiful faces, National/International Champions, heavy blue eyed tri bloodlines and that great Aussie personality.  Check out my website to view pedigrees, pictures, bloodlines, and testing on my canine family.  


I do have puppies available. 

  Tammy (Flat Rock) Hall - North Platte, NE
Phone: 308-520-4354
Reese Thornburg - Elwood, NE
Email: Website:
Phone: 402-841-8620 Organization: Barr T Aussies

At BARR T Aussies we are a family that owns Australian Shepherds.  We have standards as well as what I like to call the “traditional” minis…a nice size companion small enough to set by you in a comfy chair, but not too small to have a job or run along the side of a horse!  For the nation, we are centrally located in the Southwest corner of Nebraska.  We have limited litters as our females are part of the crew around here..  Our priority is focusing on temperament first with confirmation a close second!  Our parents have champion bloodlines and our pups have gone on to be excellent ranchers, winning agility competitors, certified medical dogs, beloved family members and friends!

Brian & Maggie Tidyman - Maywood, NE
Email: Website:
Phone: 308-660-2078 Organization: Tidy's Australian Shepherds

Tidy's Australian Shepherds is a small kennel that strives for excellence. As a family we work hard to provide excellent aussies of all sizes. We currently have standard and mini sizes. We are located in rural Nebraska and have many puppies throughout the United States. We may be a small kennel but we put everything we have into our dogs. They are raised around children, horses and livestock. Each member of our kennel is loved and treated with respect. My two son's are a large part of the team as well. They help with each chore and socialization for all the puppies. A Tidy puppy will always be a part of the family. We welcome their buyers to share their experiences with others and each buyer is welcomed to the TIDY family.

April Hunter - Fallon, NV
Email: Website:
Phone: 775-217-7259 Organization: High Kaliber Ranch Aussies

High Kaliber Ranch Aussies, show's and raises quality Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. Focusing on Genetics, conformation, quality, and breed standards. All of our dog's are family and live in the home with us.